Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Truth about Why I Don't Cook...

Of all the rooms in my home, the kitchen is the one I see the least. Of course, I spend some time in it; I mean I have to wash the dishes don't I? Prepare snacks...mop...put away groceries...By now you get the picture. But it is, foreign, in all other senses of the word. I don't like it, it's the worst enemy I have. I know all of 2 seasonings, "Adobo" and "Sazon". I use a microwaveable pot to make my rice. And I stick to only what I know. Can I prepare meals? Yes. Have I before? Yes. Were they good? Silence.
One of my biggest issues with cooking is that I cannot do it while multitasking. Cooking is something I must concentrate on. You cannot move too far from the kitchen because the food might burn. Don't get hooked on a  t.v. episode because you might forget you were cooking at all. And don't NOT facebook, blog, or anything else online because you will definitely forget what you were up to. All jokes aside, I tend to have a hard time staying focused. Especially at a task I don't find very interesting. I think God knows this too because he really did bless my family with someone who enjoys cooking and using us as his guinea pigs.    My family knows how I feel. We pretty much have that chore designated to someone else (GOD bless him!) But it is still their favorite joke. "Hey ma, you gonna cook?" HA-HA. ""Mommy when is he coming home so we can eat?" HA-HA. "Hey, we are coming over this weekend. Bring food or order out?" HA-HA. Sure, the jokes hurt. (They really aren't very funny either after the 100th time hearing them).
So. That being said...I don't mind trying. And I don't mind the jokes. I don't make the promise that I will change and start culinary school any time soon either. But i do promise to remain grateful for ALL my meals. Even the instant ones I cook myself.
So, here are some "ingredients" which I think would motivate me to want to cook...(the word even runs off my tongue in a dirty way...YUCK!)

An Apron
A Chef
A New Pot
The Right One to Cook for


  1. I really like! I have been known to let my rice boil over when I took a minute too long checking Facebook. Oh, well!

  2. I'm really finding Sam Talbot HOT! He is a top chef...I don't like to cook but I'll any reality series! Lol

  3. Came by on the Weekend Warrior Blog Hop :-)
    Following GFC and FaceBook

  4. LMAO - Yup I get this. I go through phases, sometimes I am up fo a bit of a cooking session and other times toast is the best youll get from me. Though I totally agree, those pics above could inspre me a little ;)