Thursday, January 19, 2012

More kids...??? How about letting me deal with the 2 I got???

So, I today I thought I would blog about the all too familiar, yet always nagging question, "Are you guys planning to have kids?"  You know that feeling you get from knowing you have to get a needle at the doctors? Even though you know by now it really doesn't hurt, and it's more of a pinch? YEAH, well thats the feeling I get from this annoying question...    "EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK!"
Sure, when the relationship began it was definitely a topic of conversation, and like very young couple, we joked about how strict we would be if we had a girl, and what sports the boy would play; we even picked up little odds and ends (teddy bears, cute bibs, etc)...and vice versa (I'm a liberal mom!) And anytime people speculated on how our baby would look, we all smirks and giggles...
BUT...years later, my kids are growing up and responsibilities are a bit lighter...we have a new taste for getting up and going...the economy is definitely not what it was back then; not to mention that having a TEEN definitely affects your tastebuds for a larger family! One of the main factors, I will be honest and bear it all for you, is the issue of me being able to become pregnant. However, I will say, while fertility may be an issue, adoption was never vetoed and will always remain an option!
AND YET, people still ask years later, "Are you guys thinking of having kids?" If I look like I enjoy myself playing with your baby, it's in part because I get to GIVE HER BACK! If I offer to babysit, it isn't because I miss changing diapers (though I DO miss the smell of baby breathe), its because I love you and your baby and I like spending time with them. And most importantly, if I shop like a freak (I'm a shopaholic) in the baby section, it's because I really do love all the new baby fashion themes, AND because buying a few things is not equivalent to a 3rd college fund, or higher rent to make sure everyone has their "space"...
So, as I cringe and think (but DO NOT say) all of these responses, I calmly answer, "Maybe" because I do not want anyone to give up this hope for us (or think lowly of me for maybe being selfish). It used to make me cry, the thought of not having more children. I would pass a pregnant woman in the street and think, "Why not me?" But that's just not where I'm at anymore. Do I share this with every one who asks? "Hey, guess what?? Maybe God knew what he was doing and HE knew better than me! Because you know what? I'm kind of definitely enjoying this life" No, I don't. Maybe, just maybe, one day you will read a blog titled,
            "Guess who's KNOCKED UP???"   
But not today...I found this great pic and thought it was super fitting (you will note where the needles are placed and the fact that it seems to be a female according to the "shoes"...Please don't think me crude!)


  1. Mujer! You have a teen? Living through ::shudder:: puberty?? and they still have the nerve to ask? Here, take my fan and give them a heartfelt ::BOPASO::!!!!!

  2. LMAOOOOO...I had to show yo love on fb! I love your response to "empleado" by the way...LMAOOOOO...
    About these locos, i KNOW!!!!! what are they thinking????

  3. This is so strange to me. I guess I never think to ask anyone with older children if their family is complete. I agree with Babushka. Maybe if they have a two year old, I'd ask???

    Either way, do your thing.

    People are so nosy. :)