Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Its 2012 why you still.."

...Talking Shit?
...Starting problems?
...Lying about who you are and the things you've done?
...Trying to act like a gangster when you should be acting like mother?

Topic trending on twitter; brought all of these feelings to surface. But then I said, "It's 2012 why you still..."
...letting high school pettiness bother you?
...allowing liars to invade your peacefulness?
...giving someone worth so little so much?

I posted a question today, "Do your children inspire you to think twice about your actions/reactions?"
My answer, "It's 2012, I guess not, for some people."

Monday, February 13, 2012

Do you ever feel...

Stuck? Stagnant? Frozen...
Been feeling something kinda sorta like this lately.
I joined a fitness program to re-do my outward appearance.
Am studying harder in school to exercise my mind.
Opened a twitter account to connect with more friends.
Have been spending more time out with friends.
And relaxing more in the home.

I realize I go through these bouts every so often, feeling like time is slipping like quicksand (so cliche the quote). And I begin to live almost like I'm in a rush, a race against time.
Eventually, I realize that I must slow down, or something happens to slow me down...But the point is I chill.

Do you ever feel like this? As if the walk of life was paved in molasses? How do you shake it off?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mothers on Bullying

It's been pretty hectic these past few days; but this post has been on my mind for some time.
We've started M.O.B. Mothers on Bullying, our way of addressing bullying in the community. The purpose is to change not only one person, but one family at a time. We're addressing the children, and the parents. Empowering kids by letting them now it's ok to be themselves;that they don't have to be like anyone else in this world. Addressing the parents, letting them know positiveness begins in the home, as does bullying.

I was about 20 years old when I had this done. It meant the world to me then, and still does now. When I am in doubt about handling a curve ball, this gives me strength. It does not take away from my family, my friends, or my sweetheart. But it does serve to remind me that I am a strong, positive, intelligent woman who can make it on her own. No one can take that from me...and no one can take that from them.