Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kudos to those who have paved this blogging way!!!

Ok, so I don't know who invented blogging; but I sure do look up to how they managed to share their time!!! Everyday I think of a million and one things to post, blog about, or share but there's never any real time to actually get it on here!! LOL! Between 2 crazy kids, one happy man, school, work, and a webgroup how does one find the time to unload themselves onto a blog? (Right now as we speak, I am being clocked by s/o who is patiently awaiting some down time together!) Taking on a blog was like introducing the atom bomb in my home! You would have thought I said we were moving to Timbuktu from their responses! How dare I take on something for myself??? LOL
But THANKFULLY they've been supportive... I just have to focus on the positive; not having so much free time is indicative of being a well loved woman. The day I get to sit all day in front of the computer is the day I start to worry (THANK GOD I'm not "THERE" yet!)...Sneaking off while everyone is asleep took on a new meaning the day I met you bloggies...XOXOXO
But apparently I am not the only one with a similar fan base...Check out this fan club!             

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