Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Who is this Blog For?

This is a blog for all those who are tired of answering those intrusive questions like...
1. When will you marry (or re-marry, if you're like me)?
2. What are you doing with your life?
3. Are you still thinking about children? (maybe they add in the word, "more" especially if you have more or less than the number they think is socially correct.
And my personal favorite...When will you settle down? (Usually asked by the party pooper who believes fun is only to be had by teens or the "still immature crowd").
I don't have the answers, and no one left me a map, so I'm hoping readers do not come to this blog looking for insight. Actually, let this be my disclaimer: I have NO clue what I'm doing in this thing called life. If you're on this ride, you're probably going to get lost with me at some point or another, I guarantee you; but if you don't mind, strap in and let's go!
(if you are completely successful in life, have met all your goals, feel fulfilled in every aspect, or just gave up trying, then this blog is probably not for your reading list; this blog is for those still trying.)

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  1. Well done hun - I am very proud of you for taking the leap. Are you going to add a followers link? xx Sonia